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  • IPS is a member of the SME network. A first consultation of max. 45 min to any IPR related topic is free of charge under the rules established by the IGE
  • Administration of the IP portfolio, including all IPR's , such as patents, trademarks, designs and optionally designing an IP concept 
  • Drafting of IPR application documents
  • Filing and/or registration of patents, trademarks, logos, designs 
  • Monitoring of third party IPR's
  • Checking patentability of ideas, concepts, models, prototypes including search and analysis of search results. Checking the existence of third party IPR's which may prevent the commercialization of the own idea or may have to be taken into account before commercialization (FTO search and analysis). The searches are performed by IPS using public databases as well as professional proprietary databases of search service providers. 
  • Evaluation of design-around solutions to existing IPR's 
  • Crafting of an IP budget
  • Draft a country concept for protection in the relevant markets